Monitoring 61,748 Stations that have played 2,613,736 Songs over 74,875,835 times.


Wecome to is a collection of the best music stations on the net.  We let you know the best shoutcast, podcast, and stations out there. With the version 2.0, we have introduced user voting - so now our users (YOU!) help to figure out what the best stations are.

Using in a browser, you can find and listen to some of the best Shoutcast stations out there. If you're using StationRipper, you'll be able to use the record button next to each station, to record whatever the station is playing. StationRipper breaks up each song into a MP3, with the band and song name as the title. You can then listen to it whenever you want, move it to your MP3 player, or use auto-sync with iTunes to transfer songs to your iPod.

The first thing you’ll see when you visit
is the list of top stations. This is decided by what our users vote on. 
Once you’ve signed up, just click “Vote” to vote for a Station.  

Any place you see the Play button, you can click it to start listening to that Station. Clicking the record buttong will record whatever songs that station plays, in StationRipper
As you use the site, you'll earn StationPortal cash. To use it,
click on the icon next to a Station.
You'll then be able to add or subtract votes,
using your Portal Cash.
The first list of stations will be the top-voted stations for the last month. You can change to see what’s been the most popular over the last day or week, or even over the last year. Clicking “All” will show you what’s just played.
We keep track and show the top life-time Portal Cash users, along with what stations last had votes, and which were last commented on.
Clicking on a Station’s name will bring up info about that station – you’ll be able to see what songs that Station has recently played, and read and make comments about the Station.
Any place you see a Song name, you can click it to get more info about what Stations played that Song. You’ll see a list of all Stations that have played it, and can see which played it last, or which played it the most.
Looking for a special Band or Song? Just click on the search button and enter it, and we'll tell you all the Stations that have played it.
Want to just sit back and see what's playing? Click on Music Scroller and we'll update you when a new song starts to play.

Or click on Station Map to get a unique view of not only what's playing, but where it's playing from
Know what the best Stations are? Show everyone what they are by creating your own Group.
You'll be able to add any stations from StationPortal to any group you belong to.
You can let anyone join your group, or protect the group so only people you approve will be able to join.
Once you've set up your group, or joined some groups, you'll be able to not only list all stations and the stations of your friends, but see the stations inside your groups.