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Last Played: Eternally / Hikaru Utada   19 hours 1 minutes ago
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Eternally by Hikaru Utada
Played 19 hours 1 minutes ago

Played 20 hours 30 minutes ago

Silent Love by Mariko Takahashi
Played 20 hours 41 minutes ago

Love you by Hiro
Played 20 hours 51 minutes ago

Wings by Hikaru Utada
Played 21 hours 4 minutes ago

Providence by Luna Sea
Played 21 hours 22 minutes ago

Fly Me To The Moon by Megumi Hayashibara
Played 21 hours 30 minutes ago

natsu no owari no harmony by Anzenchitai
Played 21 hours 42 minutes ago

SEASONS by Ayumi Hamasaki
Played 22 hours 3 minutes ago

Time Limit by Hikaru Utada
Played 23 hours 12 minutes ago

Over The Sky by Hitomi
Played 23 hours 24 minutes ago